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Custom Foot Orthotics
Aside from being painful on their own, your feet can be a very important source of pain in the ankles, knees, hips and back. There are several conditions that can develop in the feet that affect the rest of your body and custom-made orthotic inserts are often the most effective treatment.

Bridgepoint Chiropractic deals exclusively with The Orthotic Group to provide a high quality orthotic at an affordable price. The Orthotic Group also carries an extensive collection of footwear that can be ordered with a custom-fit orthotic already installed. Partnerships with Brooks, Saucony, P.W. Minor, Crocs, Hush Puppies, Florsheim, and Merrell allow The Orthotic Group to offer a full assortment of sandals, casual, athletic, dress and top-tier running shoes. Workboots are also available, complete with CSA approved steel toe and puncture resistant sole.

Our orthotic assessment now includes the latest in computerized pressure analysis. No more plaster casts. No more foam blocks to squish your feet into. Just stand and walk over the GaitScan pad and all of your information is transferred to a computer screen for viewing and analysis.

The Orthotic Group's GaitScan system interprets even the smallest pressure differences in your step to give an almost perfect picture of your feet in motion. The result is a more comfortable orthotic and better gait correction. For more information, visit The Orthotic Group's gaitscan website.

Many insurance carriers provide yearly coverage for orthotics and may pay a set amount or a percentage of the total. Be sure to check with your benefit carrier to ensure they allow prescriptions from Chiropractors. If not, you may be required to obtain a prescription from your family doctor before you are reimbursed. Please see our fees for orthotic pricing.

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