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At Bridgepoint Chiropractic, your health is our #1 priority, but optimal health is only achieved when you also make it your #1 priority. This is why we carry an assortment of rehabilitation and health products to help you maintain an active role in your health at home. From exercise balls and ice packs to orthotics and nutritional supplements, we have what you need to make the most of your chiropractic care.

We deal exclusively with The Orthotic Group to provide a high-quality orthotic at an affordable price. The Orthotic Group also carries an extensive collection of footwear that can be ordered with a custom-fit orthotic already installed. Partnerships with Brooks, Saucony, P.W. Minor, Crocs, Hush Puppies, Florsheim and Merrell allow The Orthotic Group to offer a full assortment of sandals, casual, athletic, dress and top tier running shoes. Work boots are also available, complete with CSA approved steel toe and puncture resistant sole.

Biofreeze pain relief gel is for topical pain relief of sore muscles, joints, arthritis pain, general aches and stiffness. Biofreeze contains ILEX, a patented ingredient that ensures its effects are effective and long-lasting. Available in a 3oz roll-on, 4oz spray, 4oz tube or 16oz pump.

We offer a full line of gradient compression hosiery to fit a variety of needs, from preventing sport-related fatigue to managing diabetes-related leg edema. Our stockings are manufactured in North America by Therafirm, who have a long history of providing high quality products at affordable prices. Their patented “core-spun” socks allow for greater stretch, making them more comfortable and easier to put on and take off. Therafirm compression products are exclusively distributed in Canada by The Orthotic Group.

We carry the full lines of these vitamin and nutritional supplements which are manufactured using pharmaceutical grade ingredients with strict quality control standards. These supplements are distributed exclusively to health professionals to maintain their high reputation of quality and value.

A high-quality pillow made for proper neck support while sleeping. Their Tri-Core Water Pillow features an oval-shaped embossed center to quiet the sound of the water and provide comfortable cervical support. The chamber is removable for mess-free filling and the handy support guide makes it easy to choose the correct water level for the firmness desired. The more water you add, the firmer the neck lobe becomes. Versatile and fully adjustable, this pillow can alleviate sleep-related neck pain and can also help with snoring.

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