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Treatment Fees

At Bridgepoint Chiropractic, our patients are our first priority. We have a variety of services and products to help you be your best. Our primary service is Chiropractic care, which we complement with soft tissue therapy, modalities, active rehabilitation and nutritional supplementation.

We also carry a full line of rehabilitation and health-related products to suit your individual needs. If you are looking for something in particular, ask us and we’ll do our best to get it for you.




•  OHIP no longer pays a portion of your Chiropractic treatment, but many benefit plans provide coverage for Chiropractic care

•  Check with your benefits provider for coverage amounts and any conditions for payment

•  Insurance is paid indirectly

•  You must pay for your visit up-front and apply to your insurance carrier for reimbursement
•  Payment is due when services are rendered
•  Treatment may be refused if your account remains unpaid for 3 or more treatments

Accepted Payment Methods

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