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Gradient Compression Stockings


We offer a full line of gradient compression hosiery to fit a variety of needs, from preventing sport-related fatigue to managing diabetes-related leg edema. We carry a wide range of brands and styles from companies like Jeba, Sigvaris and Therafirm, whose patented “core-spun” socks allow for greater stretch, making them more comfortable and easier to put on and take off.


Gradient compression stockings have a higher compression around the foot and ankle, which gradually decreases as the stocking travels up the calf. This creates a funnel effect, pushing fluid in the leg upward toward the thigh and away from the foot and ankle. A 20-30mmHG compression stocking would have 30mmHg of pressure around the foot and slowly drop to a pressure of 20mmHg at the top of the calf. This design is more effective than a constant compression stocking due to the directional guiding of fluid away from the problem area.

Low compression stockings (10-15mmHg, 15-20mmHg) are used primarily by healthy individuals looking to reduce achiness and fatigue during everyday activities such as standing at work. Athletes also find them beneficial due to their ability to remove lactic acid from muscles, resulting in less fatigue and better performance.

Medical grade compression stockings (above 20mmHg) are for individuals who require compression due to a medical condition that results in chronic leg edema. Many diabetic patients are often prescribed compression stockings to prevent leg ulcers from poor circulation. Our Therafirm Core-spun stockings are softer than typical compression stockings, with the added benefit of extra stretch.

Several insurance carriers, including ODSP, provide yearly coverage for compression stockings and may pay for several pairs each year. Be sure to check with your benefit carrier to ensure you meet their eligibility requirements.

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