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WSIB & Auto Accident Injury Rehab

Leg Injury

WSIB Injuries

Bridgepoint Chiropractic is a registered WSIB facility where injured workers can receive treatment and rehabilitation under the WSIB injury compensation program.

If you were injured at work and require treatment to return to your employment, you must complete the WSIB paperwork before you can be treated. Once your paperwork is approved, we will be happy to assist you in your return to work. Individuals seeking compensation before their claim is approved will be responsible for charges related to treatment if their claim is denied.

Please visit the WSIB website for more information.

Auto Accident Rehab

If you are injured in an auto accident and wish to be treated for your injuries, you must contact your insurance company and inform them of your situation. If you have suffered minor injuries, treatment can begin without prior approval as stated in the Statutory Auto Accident Benefit guidelines.

You are guaranteed 12 weeks of treatment to help accelerate your recovery. If you are still having issues after 12 weeks, your insurance company may approve additional treatment, based on their perception of your specific needs.

In instances where a treatment claim (other than whiplash) is denied, payment for any treatment rendered will be the patient’s responsibility.

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