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The History Of Chiropractic


The structured profession of Chiropractic dates back to 1895, but the art of spinal manipulation is frequently referenced throughout civilized history. Hippocrates, the father of medicine himself, is noted to have said: “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.”

Daniel David Palmer, born in Pickering, Ontario, was responsible for structuring and naming the Chiropractic profession. He opened the first Chiropractic schooling facility in Davenport Iowa and helped to promote Chiropractic care throughout the U.S. and Canada. His son, B.J. Palmer, carried on his work after he died in 1913. Chiropractors are now regulated health professionals with the right to diagnose conditions and be called “Doctor”. 

Although the art of the adjustment has not changed much in the last 100 years, the theory and science behind Chiropractic continue to evolve and change. Recent scientific research has shown the benefits of Chiropractic care for several musculoskeletal problems, including low back pain, neck pain and problems in the extremities.

Chiropractors have developed several techniques and treatment tools over the years, many of which have been shown to be successful in helping Chiropractors accelerate recovery and keep people feeling healthy and strong. Ask your Chiropractor about available techniques that may help you in optimizing your health.

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